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Dentistry/sore throat and swollen tonsil for 4 months


QUESTION: I have been suffering with a swollen tonsil and sore throat for 4 months +. After 2 lots of penicillin it's no better . I have been referred to a ent clinic but have to wait 2 months , what are your thoughts

ANSWER: Michelle -  repeated episodes of swelling of the tonsils, not totally responsive to antibiotics usually means that the infection is deep in the area and the correct approach is to have the tonsil removed.  It is a basic surgery with a skilled ENT doctor.  Do not wait.  Call them and tell them that the infection is not responding to the antibiotic and the swelling is making it more difficult for you to swallow.  With that explanation, they should immediately get you in to have that infected tonsil removed.

I wish you well and hope they can help you soon.  Do not let them put you off.  Push them to help you now before the infection grows more.

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Sore throat
Sore throat  
QUESTION: Spoken to the ent clinic today , they still cannot see me until April

Michelle - You have two main choices.  You can contact another ENT doctor.  If that does not occur soon, you immediately need to begin warm salt water rinses and gargles, concentrating the water in the tonsil region and the back of your throat.  So try to find a different ENT if the original one will not get you in sooner, but if not, start the warm salt water gargles for about 5 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  The rinses will often establish drainage and reduce the symptoms.  I wish you well and hope you are better soon.


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