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Hello Dr.Spindel,

I am a 22 year old female and I am having trouble identifying what is wrong with my molar. I am possibly thinking that it isncracked.

About 2 weeks ago I was eating some chicken wings. I was eating a wing and not a drumstick. I was also eating in the dark. It seems that while I was eating, there was a small bone in one of the wings. Which is weird because I usually just pick the meat off the bone. I guess that since it was dark, I didn't see the small bone still left over. While I was eating I bit down on the small bone and I felt a sharp pain on one of my back molars. I kind of freaked out and stopped eating.

I checked my tooth in the mirror and it looked completely normal and I even used a flash light. I Also tried taking a picture of it to see if I broke off a piece of my tooth. I didn't see anything wrong. Then after that day, anytime I'm eating something I feel like something might be lose or just a weird sensation. I started looking around on the internet and I think I might have a cracked tooth.

I have the symptoms like I only feel a weird sensation or very very mild pain if I bite down on something a certain way. I also get a weird sensation on my cheek. I'm just hoping that I maybe sprained it or something like that, but If I did sprain it, the pain should probably be gone by now. I'm just hoping that if it is cracked that I don't need to get a crown and maybe it hasn't gone to the dentin or into the pulp. I'm guessing that if it did then it would have to be extracted. But I don't have any pain while I'm not chewing something and I have to bite down in a certain way.

My question is if it is cracked, what are my options to repair it? Will I have to get a crown or an onlay? I was hoping I could just put an metal band around it to hold it together or maybe bond the tooth with composite? I know you can't really diagnose it because you can't see the tooth I just want to know my options base on how severe the crack is, if any.

I don't know, I'm just so mad at myself for not noticing that bone before I bit into it. I'm just worried that I will lose a healthy tooth because I was careless. I also wanted to mention that I didn't have any fillings done on that tooth. It was perfectly healthy before that day I bit into the small bone. I want to thank your for any help you could offer in advance.



Dear Karen,

You may have a crack in your tooth. It is advisable for you to see a dentist in order to diagnose it and for him or her to provide any necessary treatment. Depending on the severity of the crack of number of treatment options are possible. Options for treating cracked teeth are crowning, root canal and crowning,and for severe cracks-extraction. Why not make an appointment with a dentist soon.


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