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I started having what I describe as a coating feeling in my mouth and tongue.  Also very dry, especially at night as I sleep with my mouth open (better if I use nasal strips).  During the night my tongue would become so dry I would wake up and have to sip water to soak it.  I had an antifreeze leak in my truck when it first showed up so thought maybe the fumes were coating my mouth.  That is the way it feels.  But, that has been fixed and now along with the dryness/coating feeling I've started tasting secretions from my gums.  Kind of a metallic taste.  Also, the insides of my cheeks kind of swell as I tend to bite them when I eat/chew so that is how I know they are a little swollen inside. Chewing gum helps to produce saliva but eventually causes the feeling/taste even more. This is not a constant problem.  Kind of comes and goes.  I've tried eliminating different things I've started eating new recently thinking maybe an allergy to something.  The last thing I've cut out has been wheat germ. Two days now and can't say it's made a difference yet. My dental work consists of numerous caps and bridges from work many years ago (20+).  I am 58 years old.  Thank you for your time.

hi katy
all of this sounds totally connected. it is all stemming from your dry mouth. you describe how dry you are during day and it is way worse at night (from sleeping with mouth open, no doubt). this dry mouth can show as metallic taste and sore soft tissue (your cheeks). your tissues need saliva to protect and lubricate. gum helps...chewing gum stimulates the flow of saliva. so now it is time to figure out what caused the dry mouth. are you on any new medications for anything? medications are a big cause of dry mouth. you can discuss the dry mouth with your MD to see if he/she has any ideas. do you have dry eyes? there is something called sjogrens syndrome that shows up as dry mouth and dry eyes. maybe your MD has other ideas. he/she can look at allergy idea. so start with your MD and your dentist and see where this gets you. i hope i have given you some ideas and informtaion to help you out with this. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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