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Dentistry/Full Mouth Restoration with 20 crowns and 1 implant


I am in a real quandary and pain. As a kid in 2nd grade I fell and broke my front teeth at the gum line.  I have dealt with crowns all my life now 50+.  Three years ago I went thru a complete restoration.  US dentists wanted around $50,000 so thru extensive research I chose Costa Rica, $20,000 with a certified prosthodontist that appeared to have all the credentials.

I know many people have horror stories, but....I was assured of two visits which turned into 6.  The implant is perfect, no issues. However, the first time he completed the work of the 20 crowns and 4 root canals, I was terribly sick and continued bleeding under the gums.  I went to a local dentist who stated the crowns were so bad it was like barbed wire under my gums there was so much excess cement under the gum, each tooth was pretty much connected.

The Costa Rica dentist blamed his lab, had me come back to Costa Rica because he guarantees his crowns for 5 years, was 10.  He cutoff all 20 crowns in 2 14 hour sessions and 14 viles of novacain each day and kept telling me I was OK. Yes, he is also a member of the ADA and the Costa Rican Board of Dentistry.

The work was completed the second time Nov 2012.  I did feel better, but about 6 of the teeth did not feel solid and hurt. He assured my they would tighten.  I am now 1yr and 3 months, my teetch have never stopped hurting and I would up in emergency with a crown gone bad and in the middle of another root canal.

This dentist is apologizing to me as he said several of my crowns look suspicious in the xrays and I may have other decay and at the very least dark spots between the teeth and what appear to be left over cement or some type of matter under the Cadcam crowns.  One crown fell off it the tissue looked black.  

I am scared to death and on antibiotics, however just the one tooth is costing me $4100 and won't be able to afford all of them being redone.  This current dentist also stated that he wants to do a deep root planning and see what is under these crowns and try to save as many as possible.

Any advise? With this much work do I go to a dental school. I will not go back to the Costa Rican dentist but I would travel to a country less expensive, but I also know the underlying problem needs to be corrected first.  I am being told that the crowns fit so poorly that there are flaps around each one and has been a breeding ground for infection from day one.

This is probably to long, but I am in a serious scenario.  Thank you for your time.

hello eileen,
i am sorry for your plight and i apologise on behalf of the costa rican dentist!
the problem with rendering treatment at cheap rates is that the treating dentist is forced to outsource work to a cheap lab that uses cheap materials and so on and so forth.
dentistry is a personal art and is a skilled job, which requires thorough planning for best results. considering the complex nature of dental treatment it is best and safest to go to a dentist who comes with strong recommendations.
now coming down to your problem at hand:
the logical approach would be:
a) thorough evaluation of teeth by xrays and scans and models
b) correction of flawed rcts
c) softly tissue management and conditioning.
d) removal of faulty crowns etc and so on.
all these take time and multiple visits!
so what u should do?
1) get work done locally : pay a bomb
2) come down to a cheaper country, stay for about 2-3 months and get your work finished: cost is less
remember that undoing bad dental work is tougher than routine treatment.
you reduce your costs by travelling to a cheaper country but never compromise on the time scales.
once you are done with the treatment, stay in that country for a fortnight to get a better feel of the finished work and present yourself for any finishing touches.
best wishes
dr m


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