Hi so im a thirteen year old girl and for about 3 days I've been noticing that the gums around my back molars and root canals (that are right next to them) are bleeding profusely and non stop. And just now, I looked in the mirror and I noticed my back (the teeth I'm referring too are my lower teeth) lower teeth are facing more inward toward my tongue and I don't know whats happening. I feel nooo pain whatsoever yet its bleeding so much. I wake up with rings of dried blood around my back teeth. It seems to be that my back molars are shifting but why? Why so much bleeding.. I'm really concerned."

without seeing you in person, i cannot give you any definite answers. i would get into your dentist as soon as possible. this cannot be something that should be put off. you need to get a definitive diagnosis and get treated. are you long overdue for a cleaning? you might also need a medical evaluation if your dentist cannot get a definitive diagnosis. some medical issues can cause gum bleeding. start with your dentist first.

good luck...and make that call right away

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