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I have a small hole in the roof of my mouth, to the left,  just behind the bumpy part of my palate and front teeth.  It does not hurt, never noticed it before and I noticed it while examining my teeth in the mirror.  Should I be worried?  Did I somehow injure it and not know.  I also have a tongue ring and don't know if that caused it..maybe from pressing against it for so long?  But as I said it doesn't hurt and isn't red or swollen.  Any advice would help. Thanks.

Jenifer - I am not quite sure where this hole is exactly.  I ask that because on the palate, there are depressions and swollen areas naturally on the palate where nerves come out of the bone.  If it is behind the bumpy part and tooth the side of the palate, there is a large palatine nerve that comes out of the bone and a depression often on the palate gum tissue.  It does not sound like an area you need to worry about.  But you should have it examined by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or other knowledgeable dentist to evaluate.

By a tongue ring, do you mean a whitish line on the tongue in a circular pattern that is just from minor chronic irritation.  

So please get back to me and try more exactly describe the areas.  If possible, if you could take a picture and include it on getting back to me, it would be easier for me to diagnose.


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