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Dentistry/infection after inplant, due to sinus perforation/ removal


I had an extraction followed by the beginning of an implant done, same day.  By the end of the week I was very much in pain and draining foul smelling and tasting hot liquid. I had been to my dentist several visits and had been told there was no infection just pain was normal. ( He also didn't inform me there was a perforation.)  After having gone back several times he gave me 2 rounds of Clindimycin. He then still insisted I had no infection so I informed him of my second opinion. He then gave me 865mg of Augmention two x's daily which runs out tomorrow. By that time I sounded like I had a bad cold. I had gone for a second opionion and was told by an oral surgeon that I had infection and a sinus perforation. The implant needed to come out. He also told me I was at risk for a brain infection if I didn't do it.  When I called to schedule the surgery with him I mentioned I was thinking of reporting my dentist to the Dental Board due to the 2 weeks of hell I had been through and the Oral surgeron then replied that he couldn't do the surgery anymore for me to go to Chapel Hill and get it done.  I I decided if it was bad he wouldn't do that so I never went to Chapel Hill.  In the meantime I haven't been able to sleep in my bed for two weeks.  The constant drainage of foul smelling made me gag, As I tried to sit up all of this fluid ran into the left side of my cheek and then my ear started filling up so I sat up quickly. I couldn't lay down to sleep or I started feeling pressure in the surgery site and my left ear. I still swell after Almost a month right where the perforation is but not as bad as before but you can see it.  I need to know who to go see to get the implant out and sinus repaired.  I also want to know how long can you go with these infections before it is life threatenting? I am very afraid about having the surgery to repair the perforation. Do people die from these infections?  How soon after removal will I get my health back? Thank you for your time and I hope you can help answer my questions!


With any oral surgery, there is always a risk for infection and if it's noted, patients are guided to have it treated in a timely manner.

That said, it sounds like you have an infection around the dental implant and the sinus.  You should see an ENT or Oral Surgeon to have the implant removed and sinus treated for infection.  Any infection has a potential to be life threatening if left untreated and it continues to spread.  You need to get it treated right away.



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