I had to have a broken crown replaced and a small amount of decay was found underneath. A temporary crown was placed on top back molar and I experienced off and on aching and hot and cold sensitivity for 2 weeks. The permanent crown was then put on with temporary glue to see if things would settle down. The aching increased as did the sensitivity to hot and cold. The dentist felt the crown was too high and reduced it 3 days ago. I am still having on and off aching and sensitivity to hot and cold that lasts several minutes after drinking. I have been taking Advil around the clock and using Sensodyne toothpaste and salt water. Is there a chance this will resolve on it's own? Thanks so much!

Hi Susan,

I apologize if I have not answered your question. Something is going on with AllExperts. Please let me know if you still need an answer. I think I remember your question and did, in fact, answer it.

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