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> After being treated with high doses of radiation for cancer of my tongue in 1998 , I lost the ability to produce saliva and my teeth have suffered great harm because of this loss of saliva.   As you know, teeth need saliva as lungs need air.
>  My
> question is,what material is best suited for non-chewing surface fixes and repair for someone with my dental anomalies.
Thank you,

i always recommend that patients who have lost salivary flow due to radiation treatment have  custom trays made their teeth so they can give themselves fluoride treatments daily. this is crucial to prevent decay. i also tell them to use salivary substitutes i.e. xerolube, biotene products, etc.

i am not sure what is going on with your teeth as far as fixes and repairs are needed. if you have decay then you will need restorations. if you are showing decalcified areas along gumlines, then you might need fillings. you might be able to use something like MI paste if these areas have not decayed yet. the flouride treatments described above will help as well.

i hope this info helps...ask your dentist about all of these ideas.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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