Hi dr karmen its me gretchen again. I got my immediate partial yesterday. I can't eat w them in it feels too big and bulky.I'm having a hard time talking plain and my job is in fast food so I have to talk. The worst by far is that I keep accidently spitting them out.ill b trying to talk and they just pop out.I will be so mortified when this happens at work.I'm so upset and depressed by this. I feel like I made the worst mistake of my life. I try to talk as little as possible and keep my mouth closed to holdin the partial but at work I have to talk. I don't know wat to do. I really regret doing this.I had learned to live w my bad teeth I could eat and talk. Now I can't.

Hello again Gretchen,

Ok let's attack this.  Firstly, this is an immediate which means it was fitted with what you would call an educated guess although that isn't exactly correct. Go back to your dentist immediately and have them adjust it. There are ways of reclasping it, using adhesive, relining, and many other techniques to get a better fit. Don't give up on it and remember this is a temporary situation and there are things that can and will be done. It's early and the regular partial, or bridge or implant or whatever you end up deciding to do will be much better. I am guessing what was made is called a "flipper" and there is a reason it's called that. Talk with your dentist, have some clasps put on it, have it relined or adjusted and it will improve.  You can do this, don't give up, you did not make a mistake just work with your dentist and not against him, he wants you to be happy. I hope this helps, and write me any time.

Dr. Karmen


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