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Dr. Teig, I recently went in for a retreatment of a root canal. My endodontist has decided that it's better to split the procedure in 2 appointments. For the first appointment, he said that he was going to put in some medication on my tooth. He said that would be better. Then finish off the rest in my next appointment which is next week. Right now, my tooth is still sore. When I tap on it, it's still sore. Is that normal? Do I have to wait until he finishes off the root canal first? Second of all, after a retreatment of a tooth does the tooth become even weaker? Is it weaker when the endodontist has not finished off the root canal yet and only completed the first appointment? Thanks!

Michele - Any root canal tooth is become more fragile and can break.  A retreatment of the tooth will should remove and residual living tissue within the tooth.  This will definitely allow the tooth to be brittle.  For that reason a crown is usually placed around the tooth to make it structurally sounder.  

The fact that it is sore is not unusual.  The ligament that holds the tooth to the bone surrounding the tooth becomes inflamed often during root canal treatment and that can make it sore.  Wait for the root canal is finished and the soreness should get better quickly, as long as the root canal was done properly.


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