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Hi I hope you are an endodontist as I need an endodontist opinion on this. I just had a root canal done about 3 days ago and the tooth is really really sore. I called my dentist and they told me that it's normal and to give it a few weeks since I have an infection on my bone. They told me to take some tylenol or advil because after a root canal, there's this inflammation and flare up from the root canal. However, advil and tylenol is not helping anything and it's not doing anything for me. I am wondering what can be done and if this is a sign that the root canal is just not working. thanks you. -Java-

Hi Java,

I'm sorry all this is going on. There are several possibilities for why you are still having problems. One is that the tooth is irritated from the procedure and will calm down with time. Another is that the bite might be high. If, when you clack your teeth together, it cause pain, then you need your bite adjusted. The 3rd possibility is that the infection is stirred up. Since I can't exam you or see your x-rays, I really can't tell which it is. I would suggest you call your endodontist back, tell him/her the Advil & Tylenol isn't working and ask for help.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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