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I have three sensitive teeth.  Two lower incisors and one lower back molar.  The two incisors are chipped on top.  When I complained of sensitivity, my dentist repaired the tooth but the sensitivity remains.  I have been using Sensodyne for over a month but without improvement.  The pain in the incisors lingers after contact with hot or cold drinks.  The large molar is also sensitive to hot and cold.  
All three teeth have been x-rayed and have no evidence of decay or infection.  The molar has a deep filling, but the incisors have no fillings (other than the recent repair.)

Question: Are the nerves dying in these teeth? I am concerned that I will need three root canals and crowns.
I would appreciate your advice.

Hi James,

I'm sorry it has taken so long to get this question, but allexperts is having email problems and I just received this tonight.

When you have sensitive teeth and Sensodyne and repairs don't solve the problem, you really only have 3 root canals, give the Sensodyne more time or live with the problem. It really depends on how bad things are feeling. Some patients say, it's not too bad and they can live with it a bit longer. Others say "enough...I'm tired of living like this". It a very personal decision, but the only quick way to get rid of your  sensitivity is to do root canals on both teeth. Sorry to give you the bad news....

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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