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I have three sensitive teeth.  Two lower incisors and one lower back molar.  Question: The two incisors are chipped on top.  When I complained of sensitivity, my dentist repaired the tooth but the sensitivity remains.  I have been using Sensodyne for over a month but without improvement.  The pain in the incisors lingers after contact with hot or cold drinks.  The large molar is also sensitive to hot and cold.  
All three teeth have been x-rayed and have no evidence of decay.  The molar has a deep filling, but the incisors have no fillings (other than the recent repair.)
Question: Are the nerves dying in these teeth? I am concerned that I will need three root canals and crowns.
I would appreciate your advice.

you have tried sensodyne...i would continue using it. sometimes it take 3-4 weeks for it to do its job. another option is to have your dentist apply some desensitizing medicaments to these teeth. i like using fluoride varnishes or something called gluma gel. you can ask about these. next, at least for the can try a bite stick to make sure there are not cracks present in the tooth. for a crack, normally there is chewing pain. there is always the possibility of nerve issues but i like to hold off on this idea as long as possible. what you need to find here is more spontaneous pain. if you have exhausted all of the above ideas, you can always have the nerve tested. good luck...i hope some of these ideas work for you

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