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I had a spot forming on the outside of my face,top of my lip to the left of my nose. I noticed when this was present that I had a small lump on the inside of my lip in the same area. It's been present since February and hasn't changed in size. It is not painful and can't really be seen when  I try and see it (the dentist said it looks a bit red). I can feel it with my tongue but not when I press with my finger.  I'm worried as this doesn't seem to be going away.
Thanks so much for your time

Nick  -  there are a few possible causes for that spot.  It could be an inflamed or infected gland, it could be a blocked duct, it could be a lymph node or it could be another lesion.  From your description it does not sound dangerous, but you should have yourself evaluated by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  This type of doctor could simply biopsy or remove it if necessary.  

So don't worry.  It sounds benign, but don't wait.  Get this properly evaluated by the oral and maxillofacial surgeon.


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