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Hi Doctor Gary Backlund: I recently had a root canal done. They put a temporary filling on that tooth. First of all, does the pain that I experienced before the root canal goes away right away or does it linger for awhile after the root canal? How long? And in regards to the temporary filling, when I rub my tongue on it, it feels weird. It feels like the material just feels odd. Is that normal for a temporary filling being placed after a root canal? Thank you for your time. Maggie

Hi Maggie,

I'm sorry it has taken so long to get this question, but allexperts is having email problems and I just received this tonight.

After a root canal is done, we usually expect the tooth to be sensitive for anywhere from 3-7 days. It should not be more than irritating. If you are having real pain, you should call your dentist.

AS for the temporary, they normally feel rough and not well fitting. This is pretty normal. When you get the permanent filling done, all that will improve and things will feel normal again.

Hope this helps. Sorry again I didn't get your question in a timely manner.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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