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Hello Dr. Karmen,

I am a 22 year old female who exctracted her lower back wisdom tooth about a month ago. I believe it was on March 5th. Well I had a follow up appointment exactly one week after my extraction and my surgeon said that it was healing fine. I didn't eat anything on that said for a few weeks because I didn't want any food particles going into the extraction site. I also took care that I didn't develop any dry socket by rinsing too roughly.

Recently, I have been having some weird tingling feelings by the extraction site. Everytime I tap the tooth in front of the extraction site I feel a tingling sensation. I also feels as if there is a dull electricty shocking sensation. I also sometimes feel a little bit of pain where the extraction site is still closing up. The tooth that I am tapping with my tongue is perfectly healthy with no fillings. I'm worried that it might be a nerve or maybe the tooth by the extraction site is just drifting? I feel this tingling sensation in my cheeks and lower jaw.

Lastly when I press on my cheek I feel do feel some pain. It seems to be hurting where the doctor injected the vicodin in the back of my cheek. I also feel a very very small lump when I press my check between my fingers. I am not a smoker so I am ruling out that its a tumor from oral cancer.

I was wondering what you thought it was? I know its hard to guess when you can't see me. Do you think that an xray or MRI would help? I'm thinking of going back to my oral surgeon and asking him to check those areas for me.

Thank you and I appreciate any help in advance!



Karen - You are correct that I cannot be completely sure, but it does sound like there is definitely inflammation.  Is that from remaining broken tooth particles or other debris?  I don't know, but you definitely need to have the surgeon examine you.  

Your symptoms are not severe so whatever the cause, it should be simple to correct.  In the interim before the surgeon examines you, immediately begin warm salt water rinses for about 1-2 two minutes, 4-5 times a day.

I wish you well and hope it feels better soon.


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