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Dentistry/Dentist Drilled a Giant Hole in my Temporary Crown to Fight Infection?


(Note, this is all happening Japanese so the dentist is trying to simplify things for me as much as possible in his terminology.)

The root on one of my front teeth got infected so the dentist performed a root canal and put on a temporary crown. For the last four weeks I have had next to no pain but the gum above the canal-ed tooth has been swollen (though the swelling has been going down).

Today, I went in for a my weekly checkup and the dentist went in (did endodontic surgery) and said that I had a bad bacterial infection. He cleaned it out and treated it with medicine, but here's the weird part. He said that to get the "bad gas out," it was best to leave a giant gaping in the front of my temporary crown. I have never heard of something like this can't even find any mention of such a procedure online so I am getting quite worried.

I'll be seeing the dentist again in two days but I am currently afraid to eat or drink. Is this normal? Should I see a different dentist tomorrow ASAP? Please, any advice is greatly welcome.

Hi Reno,

Before I try to answer this question, I need a little clarification. When you say "endodontic surgery", did they actually make an incision in your gum and place stitches when they treated the end of the root or did you just mean starting a root canal?


Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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