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3 days ago I went to the dentist b/c I was having tooth pain. They told me the crown I had on my tooth was defective and that they were going to replace it. They gave me two shots and it numbed me up like normal (I've had plenty of dental work done). She removed the crown and then started to drill the tooth b/c I had more decay. I instantly felt pain. So she gave me another shot... felt pain again... another shot.. still pain. The pain was only on certain spots of the tooth. She finally finished and they put on my temporary. The next day I was sore and I expected to be. This is the 3rd day after and my tooth is very sensitive and painful. it feels the same as it did when I went to the dentist for my pain. Is this normal and I should just wait it out?

I have seen this on occasion. It is tough for me to give you any definitive answers without seeing things in person.  Call your dentist and ask her. Was the decay close to nerve? Is she worried about tooth needing root canal? One option is to recement the temporary with a temp cement with eugenol...this sometimes will calm a sore tooth down.  Make sure bite is good on it. If it is high it will keep things sore. These are all ideas to discuss with your dentist. Good luck

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