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Have plans from dentist at long standing national chain and local dentist.  Remove eight teeth and install immediate and permanent upper.   Local is $1400 more costly than chain because it includes:

- Surgical extraction - 8  (Chain says 2)
- Ext irrigation  (cleaning and antibacterial)
- Oral surgery Proc, B/R - 8  (Paste in holes)
- Alveoplasty - 2 (Smoothing bone)
- Mesh in mouth piece
- Dental visits - 5

The important question is what of those are important to the action and my health?  Perhaps local would agree to remove some/all.

Hello Joan and thank you for this good question,

I think it's best with the local because if you are going to have an upper denture you want the bone to be the best it can be. Smoothing the bone and placing the material in the sockets is a good thing.  The idea of follow up visits is a good thing too and I do not know which chain you refer to but I know that some chains do not use very good materials.The things you have listed from the local dentist are very good parts of the procedure and I guess the chain doesn't do these things. I always think it's best to go with the best treatment possible especially when surgery is being done.  I hope this helps you.

Dr. Karmen


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