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I have always been afraid of asking my family dentist regarding this situation because I have been with this practice since I have been born.

During a young age, my brother and I were play fighting and my two front tooth's were knocked out of my mouth too early. At that time, as my adult front tooth's were growing in there were cavities and other problems. My dentist had done a lot of cleaning and fixing till finally today, they're fine but a bit discolored (see below).

With regards to the above picture here, although the camera flash doesn't accurately depict what I will mean entirely, what can I do about the color imbalance? The yellow between tooth and gum I know is merely through better flossing and brushing, however do you see the imbalance of bright white and natural beige tooth color? I don't remember exactly what happened when I was younger but for years I have been embarrassingly battling this problem and I want to get rid of it. What are some suggestions as brushing clearly doesn't fix that imbalance of white discoloration.


the yellow i see at the gumline looks like something that should come off with a good thorough cleaning. the picture does not really show too much color difference but i think i can see some between the front two teeth and the rest. this is more difficult to fix easily. you can try bleaching and see if they even out. otherwise you might be looking at porcelain veneers or something like that. see what your dentist recommends. maybe even get a few other opinions (in person). good luck

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