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QUESTION: Hi I forgot to ask you this earlier, but when you have a temporary crown, it seems that the crown is so far up the gum line that it's so uneven with the other teeth as far as the gumline goes. Will the permanent crowns look like that as well or will the permanent crown look much better? Thanks!

ANSWER: Kelly -  That should not be the way.  It sounds like your dentist caused recession of the gums.  This means that it will look this way with the permanent.  You need to speak with the dentist.  If this did not exist before the crowns, the dentist will most likely have to refer you to a periodontist to try to regain the normal gum relationship.

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QUESTION: Also, it seems that the back of the temporary crown, there's some filling on it and at the bottom there is a pit or what seems like a chip but I don't believe it's a chip because I didn't feel anything come out of there or else I would of felt it in my tongue. Is that normal? Is it suppose to be that way in order to get the crown off easier or something? Thank you. This is for a front top tooth.

Kelly -  What you are feeling is not normal.  It sounds like the dentist did not extend the crown to reach the gingiva.  That could be a future periodontal problem or increased difficulty with properly taking impressions for an accurately fitting crown.  

So it sounds like the dentist just made it easier for himself, but potentially it might cause a difficult time with a new crown.


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