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Hi had permanent bridges put in about two yrs ago. Ever since i got them it seems i have been sick. First i feel so much pressure and all food does not taste the the last tooth part of the bridg i can feel exposure with my tongue. I feel like ripping them out of my mouth. Since having these put in i was in a wheel chair for one year told i would never walk again with no diagnosis. Starting wallkng in jan when in wheel chair diagnosed with hyporthyroidism. In jan despite what all drs said walked. Muscles had to come back in my calves they were gone. Next start walking get an mri back pain. Break in thracic spine a bright light on mri by break and tell ne need biopsy. A cyst in lumar on pole of kidney. Just found all this mri stuff now. When i touch my face i can feel like they go right into my lower cheekbone. Pressure the back on left side lil opening i can feel with my tongue. Food tastes bad. I floss brush nothing relieves pressure. Never had braces had straight teeth. Feels like a brace device in my upper teeth causing panic attacks. I am only 53 and have bee thru so much. Before these bridges had good health my phone number is  can u pls help me

Hi Patricia,

This is obviously a complex situation with a few possible issues going on simultaneously, such as material quality, splinting design, occlusion and others. I need to go over a few questions with you personally. Your phone number did not appear. Please email your contact details to


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