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Dr. I have a lower cast metal partial with a lot of teeth on it, and, on the right side it has been pushing my gum tissue down, because of bone loss, so much that it has tipped downward. It has formed a callus. My dentist has done adjustments, but still the same so he put a temporary soft reline that has done nothing. He said if you still have pain and cutting of your gums in that area, it won't work. Mt question is if he put a permanent silicone soft liner in that he will send to the lab, do you think he can fill in the void and that I could get some relief? Thanks

A soft reliner, although an option, is probably not your best alternative. Sometimes partial free end saddles "settle" because they are not extended enough towards the posterior of the mouth. Dentures, if possible should end on the retromolar pad, since this is a "stable" landmark and will not resorb when pressure is placed on it. If a partial doesn't terminate on this pad, bone loss can result from the chewing pressure that it experiences in function.

If your partial needs to be extended than a proper hard reline can accomplish this, if the partial is extended in the impressioning with some border molding.


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