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I had my back left molar taken out almost a week ago. A couple of days after having the molar removed, I was still in pain, so my dentist prescribed me some antibiotics and a pain killer. This weekend I started to feel a pinching on my tongue that made it painful to speak, chew, and swallow. The pain has eased up a bit, but it still hurts to chew and swallow (I am not sure if this is related but I also suffered through a headache and nausea for a couple of days. This has subsided). It feels like some bone is coming through the side of my gums where my tongue is, and I can see a little bone coming up in back where my molar used to be. I never had my wisdom teeth removed, and I am thinking that my wisdom tooth is coming in now that it has room because my molar is gone. Does this sound right? Should I be concerned about the pain? Is my wisdom tooth coming in wrong?

Luke Stromberg

Dear Luke,

It is not uncommon for a small piece of bone to work its way out of a socket after an extraction. When this occurs it can delay complete healing and this piece of necrotic bone should be removed. My best advice is for you to visit your dentist for him to examine the socket and pluck out any bone fragment that may be poking through the gum.  


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