I have had the same crowns on several teeth for over 25 years without any problems.  Recently my 5 year old grand-daughter and I were playing and she inadvertently hit her head against my mouth to the left of my nose.  It did loosen a crown and was very tender in the area for quite a while. Not long after the incident I started having unexplained joint pain, pain in my hands and at times barely able to put pressure on the bottom of my feet.  I have a metallic taste in the mouth and there is a hole in the gum area next to the tooth that caught the brunt of the blow to the mouth.  Could I be experiencing metal poisoning from these old crowns.  I have already been tested for rheumatoid arthritis with a negative result.  I am trying to find answers for the sometime debilitating joint pain.  Thank you for any advice on the dental aspect.

i have never heard of a crown causing problems like you describe, particularly older crowns. they were always made with high quality metals. you need to get into your dentist ASAP to have the hole in the gum looked at. I am not sure what could be causing that without seeing things in person. you will need an xray to check the nerve. perhaps it has had a root canal in the past and it could be acting up. ask him/her about the taste alteration. then have your dentist talk with your MD and try to come up with some new ideas. this most likely is a medical issue (the joint pain). you might have some dental issues as well but they are just coincidental. make the call and get on in there. good luck

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