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Dr. Dalin, How can a dentist make sure that the metal framework on a lower cast metal partial fits? Mine lifts up on the right side ever since I got it, and the dentist does not acknowledge it, when I push it down and complain about it. I eat fine with it, but it is annoying, and rubs the gum area in back. He measured everything and my bite when he made it. He said everything was fine. It has a rest on the molar that is very flat. He has made several adjustments on the right side where it rides up because he said I have a lot of bone loss there and the bone is uneven. Thanks

The framework should be stable and not rock at all...the rests should fit on teeth perfectly.  That is what constitutes a proper fitting partial denture. The dentist should make adjustments to make sure no sores are caused by it. Perhaps a feline will help. You cask this to your dentist. Good luck

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