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I'm am trying to figure out when Panorex (panoramic dental x-ray's) were first used in North America. When were they invented and introduced into mainstream dentistry?

I live in Vancouver, BC Canada. In 2004 I had wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon in private practice due to complications. I'm trying to determine if I had a panorex or dental CT for this, as I don't remember. I understand the dose of dental CT is significantly higher.

Thank you

my dad was a dentist. i remember him getting one of the first panoramic units back in the 1960's...the cone beam CT units have only been around the past few years. here is an article about panoramics:

History of panoramic radiography.
Hallikainen D.
Author information
The first attempts to image the whole jaw were made with intraoral radiation sources at the beginning of this century. The narrow-beam principle was described in 1922. Experimental work and development of equipment in the 1950s resulted in commercially available machines in the early 1960s. The panoramic technique originated from the need to image the jaws, but it was also applied to other anatomic regions, before CT became available. Panoramic radiography is an essential element in oral radiology today.

i hope this helps...

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