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Dr. I have a lower cast metal partial that is three years old. The partial started to tip down on the right side and dig into the side of my gums and bear down causing a callus. The dentist put a temporary soft liner to last a month, and then he might put a silicone soft permanent liner in that last a year. Do you think he can add more impression material in the area where I have the void and callus. because he said my bite was good and that I do not even need the reline at all, it is just because the indent area has changed since the impression taken three years ago. Thanks

doing the reline is exactly what you are thinking...he will put more material in and it sounds like he wants to use a soft material to cushion things on your gum area and stop the sore spot. he checked the bite and that is another way to help. so it sounds like you are in good hands. try the reline and see what happens. if it is still sore, then the two of you will have to figure out other possibilities. good luck

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