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I had my back left molar taken out almost a week ago. A couple of days after having the molar removed, I was still in pain, so my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and a pain killer. This weekend I started to feel a pinching on my tongue that made it painful to speak, chew, and swallow. The pain has eased up a bit, but it still hurts to chew and swallow. It feels like some bone is coming through the side of my gums where my tongue is, and I can see a little bone coming up in back where my molar used to be. I never had my wisdom teeth removed, and I am thinking that my wisdom tooth is coming in now that it has room because my molar is gone. Does this sound right? Should I be concerned about the pain? Is my wisdom tooth coming in wrong?

Luke Stromberg

hi luke,
though i cant stake a claim to it(as i havent seen you in person), but with nearly 100% surity i can say that:
a) u arent growing your wisdom tooth so quickly.
b) ur dentist has done a shoddy job of removing your tooth.
c) what you are feeling in your mouth are bony spicules/projections of the erstwhile socket in which your tooth was before extraction.

the reason why i call the job shoddy is because after extraction we are supposed to round off these spicules otherwise they come out after week-ten days.

please go to your dentist and get it sorted. you might also have to get renumbed to get them sorted.
best wishes!


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