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Dentistry/Sensitivity after incisor shaved down for bridge


Greetings sir, I have a problem that I am very concerned about.  Unfortunately I lost the tooth behind my incisor, I believe it is called a "False Molar" but cannot be sure. In any case my dentist decided to give me a bridge, during the procedure he seemed to shave down the incisor to make the bridge fit into my mouth. Now that incisor is sensitive to cold, it also is sensitive whenever I bite down on anything.  

There is no sensitivity otherwise just when biting down and drinking cold beverages.

I am very scared now that THIS tooth will also need to be removed because the dentist took away too much enamel or cracked the tooth, is this possible? If this is the case what are my options? I am worried because currently I have a missing false molar as well as a missing M1 so he is doing two bridges to fix the gaps... but if my incisor has to go too will I have a hole there that cannot be fixed?

Also would the dentist be liable for cracking my tooth during the procedure? And does this sound like a cracked tooth or something that can be fixed with bridge readjustment?

Thank you in advance, James

hello james,
this sounds like your dentist has not given you temporary crowns and neither has he fixed a new bridge yet.
please request your dentist for temporary bridge, or if your final bridge is ready, then ask him to place it asap.
what you are experiencing is the side effect of getting ones teeth grinded for a crown. once the tooth is covered with a bridge(temporary or final) the sensitivity should go away.

there is no question of his/her liability as this is inevitable.

best wishes  


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