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Dentistry/Temporary bridge painfull?


Two weeks ago I had prep for a bridge in my lower left. I was told that this space was not typical and would be a bit harder to do  than usual (it sure was) but the dentist was a specialist in bridges and he did my other one on the other side no problem.
The temporary bridge feels fine, no irritation or uncomfortableness,  but every few hours it start to feel 'sore' and I am constantly taking motrin to keep the pain at bay.
I called the dentist but he is on vacation. His assistant says this is fairly normal, and was able to move up the date for the real bridge to be installed.
Is this fairly common? Will I be OK after the new bridge or will I still have pain and have to go back? The work took about two hours and the dentist was constantly taking exrays, measurements, etc. Thanks for your thoughts!

there are some simple possibilities could be the fact that it is a temporary and they sometimes do not seal well and can be sensitive. another idea could be that the bridge is slightly loose and it might have some movement to it. once the real one is placed with permanent cement, all goes away. the bridge will fit better and cement is stronger and better seal. these are two easy explanations. tougher ideas could be a nerve issue (root canal may be needed)...but usually that causes a lot more pain than you describe. another idea could be the bite might be off a little...this is easy to adjust now or with the final bridge. see if any of these ideas make sense to you and your dentist (or assistant). good luck

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