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is this gum recession?
is this gum recession?  
Hi, I'm a little concerned about my gumline after reading up on receding gums recently, particularly on my back upper molars and my front bottom teeth.

I'm 22, visit the dentist twice a year, and take good care of my teeth (brush, floss, mouthwash etc).

My dentist has never made note of my gumline, nor cautioned me about it, despite this (I believe) going on for some time. I only "noticed" it after reading an article online.

What might be causing it? Is there anything I can to to stop it? I don't want to be toothless by the time I'm 40!

I use a very soft toothbrush (have done for two years now) and I'm pretty sure I'm not pressing too hard. Could it be gum disease? If you look closely at the picture my gums do look a little 'uneven' in tone with a deeper red in some parts. Is that a sign of anything?

I also wear a retainer (had braces when I was a teenager), but it's a bit old now. It occurred to me today that there might be bacteria on it causing gum irritation. Any grounds in that theory?

I'm a little worried.

Yours sincerely,

Hello Matt,

This is a great question and thanks for the excellent photo.  It looks to me like even though you use a soft brush and say you don't brush too hard it still looks like that might be part of it. Are you left handed? It also looks like there is some recession on the two bottom front teeth but I do not see signs of actual gum disease.  It is possible part of this is from your old retainer so I'd suggest getting a new one made but also be very careful with your brushing technique.  Also make sure you are using a mild toothpaste and nothing too abrasive as well as have your dentist check how your teeth are fitting together and if there are wear facets on them.  If you are grinding your teeth at night some of this might be from that too.  For now though don't worry at all because I honestly don't see gum disease and the color of the tissues is very good.  take these steps I've suggested and stay alert.  You will not get back what you've lost but yu can slow it down or stop it. If it came to it you could have a graft done but don't worry abut that at all, you're not even close to that.

Dr. Karmen


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