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Dr. Teig, I'd like to ask you about partial dentures. I'm rethinking my original plan on having titanium post implants. I've been researching biological dentistry. Not to mention a variety of reviews from different sources where the patients have one common complaint, tinnitus. Anyway,my questions concern dentures. What kind of dentist deals with making/fitting partial dentures? Are the dentures made there in the dentist's office or are they sent out to be made at a laboratory? I have found some dentist's websites that claim to make the partial there on the premises of the office and made by the dentist himself. And I've found that with new technology, there are newer types of partials offering all synthetic material with no metal clasping. My concern with tinnitus is that I already have it. My current conditioned worsened when I had those 2 most recent teeth pulled. Why would I further intensify the ringing in my ears if that is a chief complaint by a lot of people who have received implants for the first time? Could you at least comment on my partial denture interest? Thank you very much.

Mark - Let me tell you that the extraction of those teeth, most likely, did not produce the ringing in the ears.  Any change in the bite, and extractions alter the bite, can produce spasms of the jaw muscles.  With spasms of the jaw muscles, the production of tinnitus can occur.  So before you do any dental treatment, have your ears evaluated by an otologist and/or an ENT doctor.  

Any dental replacement treatments, like partial denture, should be done by a prosthodontist specialist.  This type of doctor not only designs the correct appliance, but one of his major assets is the ability to produce a balanced occlusion (a balanced bite).  

As far as the fabrication of the partial, most quality dentists send it out to a laboratory to fabricate.  The materials used within a dental office cannot produce an appliance with the quality of the materials necessary to make a proper appliance and also cannot produce one with a proper bite.  

So it you developed ringing in the ears after the extractions, it is very important to have a quality appliance to stabilize the bite.  So only use a dentist who has the ability to fabricate it properly.  If possible, use a prosthodontist.


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