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I'd appreciate your opinion about this problem I got which is causing me trouble. Three months ago my dentist put a composite on an incisor, tooth # 7 that didn't bother me but it had a brownish stain on it. After having this done, a dull pain went on and off, when I put the dental floss between incisor and front tooth, and flossed it, it bothered me. Two days ago my dentist redid the filling saying the obturation was loose and she said she put some sealant on the front tooth because the root was exposed.
I continue feeling unwell: I have more pain when I floss in between my incisor and front tooth, drinking orange juice hurts me,  have a lot of sensitivity. I trusted my dentist for 20 years, but now I am thinking my dentist does not know how to help me.
What can be the cause of the dull pain ( I don't need medications for pain, but still it bothers me ), the pain when I slid the dental floss in between my incisor and front tooth ?
Your professional opinion will be appreciated.


It sounds like your dentist did everything properly and to the best of his/her abilities.

It sounds like it could be one of two things;
1. Sometimes when dental work is performed, the gingiva around the tooth may recede slightly. This can be very sensitive to any cold sensation, and to touch (such as flossing).
Often, the gingiva will repair itself in due time. However, it doesn't always. If not, then additional bonding or gum work may be required.

2. The other possibility may be that the nerve inside the tooth is not happy. When dental work is performed, the nerve inside the tooth is often irritated. In most cases, it heals up just fine on its own. However, if it doesn't heal, then you may require a root canal. It doesn't sound like this is the case IMO.

Since the bonding was only recently redone, I would give it at least 2 weeks to evaluate if it's getting any better. If not, then you may want to speak to your dentist about further options.

Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear doctor:

I appreciate so much your answer. Let me ask you a follow-up question, please: when I slide the dental floss in between right incisor ( # 7, the
tooth that was filled with a composite), and the front right tooth, something hurts me a little bit: is there a nerve in between these teeth?
What can be the culprit? Dentine exposed in between these teeth and the dental floss touches it? The incisor is overlapping a little bit the front
Sincerely thankful for your kind, knowledgeable answer

Sorry, I missed this!

Yes, you hit it on the head.
'Dentine exposed in between these teeth and the dental floss touches it'.
Sometimes, there is a little exposed root surface that is super sensitive. So anytime something touches it, especially something cold, it is sensitive. With the help of a sensitive toothpaste, this usually does diminish with time though.

All the best!


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