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My daughter is 7 years old. Her second incisor erupted above her baby tooth. I took her to the dentist he told me not to worry. About 2 months later the baby tooth ell out but the second incisor erupted high in the gum and is now grown out over the gum. He continues to tell me don't worry, but I am it does not look right. And then the other second incisor erupted normally and pushed out the baby tooth but came in with an orange stain in the tooth. Can you please help me.

Debbie -  the eruption of the second incisor into a position that appears to be incorrect, should be corrected.  If the tooth blocks other erupting teeth or it is in a position that disrupts the normal biting or chewing, it should definitely be corrected.

I'm not sure about the orange color stain to the other baby tooth.  It could possibly be from some staining from trapped blood, but usually that discoloration would be gray/black.   

It is a little difficult for me to come up with a reason for these changes.  If you truly want to know, take your daughter to a second dentist for another position.  


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