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on 1/10/15 I noticed pain from my lower right jaw.  My dentist said my x-rays don't reveal any problem.  He forcefully tapped all teeth on the upper and lower right side and probed for any foreign particles between the gum and tooth.  I suspect the pain may be from a crowned root canal molar.  When I chew on the right side, I get throbbing as well as continual pain.  The dentist suggested I return after two days if the pain persists. This dentist does mostly everything including laser and implants.  If he can't find the problem by tapping and viewing x-rays, what course of action can help me?  I really appreciate your reply, as I am beginning to suspect that he may not be able to identify the tooth or cause of the pain.

hi jamie
i am so sorry for your troubles, dear you have to give me more information here... post your xrays etc
the causes of toothache are numerous and some of them are crazy and scary. so give me more data, and you will hear from asap.
best wishes


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