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Hello. My upper gum has reduced a lot and I am starting to see the "top" of some of my teeth, i.e. the gum is almost all gone at the top but there is some gum in between. I use snus (if you are familiar with that - it's mouth tobacco, popular in Scandinavia) and but it in my upper gum, but my lower gum looks very similar and I've never put anything there. I usually brush my teeth twice a day, although some times only once, before I go to sleep. I have never had any problems with my teeth before, but now I am worried that some of them might get loose and I'll lose them. How likely is that and what can I do to get my gums to grow back fast?

PS. I know many people that use tobacco like I do, but none of them seems to be dealing with the same problem (or at least their gum reducing is not so extreme).

Thank you in advance.

the pictures help me out a little bit (but still cannot give you any definitive diagnoses without seeing things in person). the recession of the gum is not that much at all. this is very minor at this time. the mouth tobacco can definitely contribute to this. you normally cannot get the gums to move back down. what you want to do is get it to stop right where it is. first off, use a soft brush and a roll not scrub the brush back and forth. stopping the tobacco might help as well. these are two ways to help this out. some of this could be hereditary as well. that is something you do not have any control over. talk to your dentist...have him or her watch things closely for you. but do not panic at this point.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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