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well i was told i needed gum surgery to remove severe tartar and stuff and of course skeptics like friends and some people are say go get a second opinion etc.I beleive in doctors dentists etc. the surgery is not covered by insurance which is the real bummer can you elaborate on what im about to experience under kaser as opposed to cut and sew surgery and what habits can i start in the meanwhile that can prevent(wishful thinking) and ofcourse i know im gonna haver to keep up after surgery?

Hi Blaze,

Since I have no way of knowing your specific treatment needs,  I will provide you with some general information.  I hope the information will influence you toward following the advice of your friends who suggest you get a second opinion.

1. Over treatment with unnecessary periodontal surgery is far from rare
2. The type of problem you describe, deposits on teeth, are best and less expensively treated by a Dental Hygienist
3.  I strongly advise you to seek a second opinion.  The most reliable second opinion you could get would be from a dental hygienist who likes to treat gum problems like yours, because of previous experience.  Perhaps one of your friends who suggest a second opinion knows of a Hygienist.

You can call various offices and ask for the hygienist to return your call.  Tell the hygienist the story you wrote here and tell her you would like her opinion on treating you in a conservative non on surgical way..  Bring copies of your x rays to avoid more being taken.

This is the strategy that should help you save your teeth AND your money

Larry Burnett DDS  


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