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QUESTION: I had an excisional lump cut out of my cheek and am now awaiting my biopsy results the maxiofaial surgeon n couldn't really say what it was it was white sand nothing came out of it but wos quite big help have I cancer in still waiting my biopsy results 4 weeks on my lower jaw bone is nearly eatoein away help what idss it plse x

ANSWER: Mel -  I wish I could give you a diagnosis, but without examining you, seeing the lesion and obtaining the results of the pathology report it is a little difficult.  You say the area was white and nothing came out of it, was it solid or was there an open space inside the area?

I wish I could be more specific, but there a few different lesions that could be what you describe. If you can provide more specific qualities of the area and any symptoms you may have associated with it, I might be able to give you a more specific answer.

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QUESTION: It was quite a large white mass the surgeon showed me it it was like a mass of well looked like an oyster it was like a large abscus inside my cheek I had 30 stitches inside my mouth andy bottom lower jaw the bone is very thin like it been eaten away the surgeon said to be sent of for biopsy its 4 weeks now and I'm scared I've got cancer

ANSWER: Mel -  like I said the last time, what you describe is not enough for me to arrive at a diagnosis.  You just have to be patient for the results of the biopsy.  My question is why it takes nearly a month to obtain the results of the biopsy.

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QUESTION: The biopsy results they said they had a bog backlog and were behind it looks like a white flat mass of jelly it was attached to a like a squiggly purple vein and I asked the surgeon what it was and said is it a cancer and she sent it to dental path lab in heath hospital it has eaten my bottom jaw bone away and it is now very thin

Mel - Of course I cannot tell you what the lesion is, but if the area has been contained and not metastasized to another location and just expanded, it makes it less likely to be cancer.  There are, however a number of different lesions of the jaw, via dental cause that can eat away at the bone and not be cancer.  So you need to wait for the pathology results.


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