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I am Angela, a 21 year old female who's having a lot of trouble with dental clinics at the moment. (Root canal)

Early this February I had two bottom wisdom teeth removed (I only have roots for 2), and after the removal, the right one recovered really fast and the left one I was popping pain killers and could not eat for at least a week.

I then left the country in the summer, and I noticed that there was a "teeth" growing out, at first I thought it was splinters and I ignored it.

I went back to the clinic early October and over the course, the "splinter" became the size of a small tooth, and my molar beside the bad extraction started to become sensitive to pressure and pain, thinking it was a cavity. Upon visiting the clinic, I was told that my dentist missed a part of my tooth inside my extraction site, and I had it removed. Furthermore an xray showed that my molar has no cavity (and never had one), but instead the nerves are either dying or completely dead and a root canal is needed.

I am currently scheduled for a root canal in two weeks, the thing is. Could an abscessed tooth (with no filling and never had cavity, healthy prior to extraction) be caused by the extraction? I was told it is likely the cause by an endodontis at the same clinic I had the extraction, but that it is common mistake and easy to fix. As a student I have low insurance and am wondering if it is routine for me to pay out of my own pockets? Or is this considered a dental malpractice?

Thank you, sorry for the long post!

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Hi Angela,

WOW! It sounds like you have really been through it with these teeth, extractions and now a root canal. It's hard for me to give you specific advice for your situation without being able to exam you, but I can offer some general comments.

Unfortunately, trauma to adjacent teeth is a risk any time a tooth is extracted and especially wisdom teeth because wisdom teeth are often impacted which means the dentist needs to remove bone and tissue to get the tooth out. It's very easy to affect adjacent teeth. This is not really malpractice, but if the dentist were a bit TOO aggressive, this might have been prevented with a more gentle approach.

I would suggest that you express your feeling, like you have done here, to whom ever runs the clinic where you go. Tell them you feel like this has caused you excess expense with your limited funds and see if they can do anything to help you. Maybe they would be willing to do the root canal at no charge or even at a reduced fee. It's worth a try.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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