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1)My grandson is just 6 years and VERY NAUGHTY.For some problem my dentist has advised RCT for 3 baby teeth.But the problem is that he may not cooperate and more trouble may be faced.But Root canal treatment for  teeth in children is a complex procedure requiring lengthy appointments and multiple visits .
2)If alternatively PRIMARY TOOTH IS EXTRACTED  however, space maintainers would have to be used to preserve the space of the extracted teeth.
3)If there is no alternative to RCT In extreme cases, sedation/ general anesthesia may be  an alternative to facilitate RCT
 Xylitol is an  alternative for  patients to  manage recurring cavities easily,.Whether chewing xylitol gum, eating cheese and rinsing with water after meals may all play a role in reducing bacteria, neutralizing acids in the mouth and preventing tooth erosion.
  Whether for a 6 year old boy Xylitol should be taken  as chewing  gum.
   Please help with your answer

Hello Kalyan

Root canal treatment is rare on primary teeth and much more common is a procedure called a pulpotomy which is very common and not anywhere nearly as involved as RCT.  These teeth then usually have a stainless steel crown placed on them after they have been treated.  All you have said is correct about primary teeth extracted and needing space maintainers so your information on that is very correct.  Xyletol is not any kind of cure and a minor adjunct to preventing decay.  It appears the child is being seen professionally which is great but using home fluroide rinses brushing and using something between the teeth such as floss or interpromixal brushes is more beneficial.  


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