My dentist told me I need a crown on one of my gums, as because of my grinding I keep breaking of the same corner.

It's the last gum on the bottom, and there is no gum next to it anymore. I break off the same bit of this gum due to the pressure of my grinding.

I am worried that if I get a crown the same thing will happen and I will break the crown, as all the pressure is still on the same gum. But my dentist says the pressure is more equally divided with a crown so he is not worried.

What is your opinion on this?


ANSWER: I am certain you are talking about teeth and not gums.  Jessica this is a good question.  The one thing that confuses me is you said there is no tooth next to it.  Do you mean in front of it or behind it? If it's behind it that's fine to get the crown and what your dentist told you is correct.  If you are missing the tooth ahead of this then I'd suggest a bridge or implant and then crown on this tooth that you've mentioned.  the implant to replace the missing tooth and then the crown on the tooth you keep breaking. So either just the crown if there is a tooth in front of this one or a bridge or implant and crown if there is no tooth in front of this one.

Dr. Karmen

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Dr. Karmen,

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I mean teeth, sorry :) There is no tooth next to it on both sides: on the back side because it's the last tooth and on the front side because that tooth was pulled years ago.

So what I understand from this is I need a crown whatever way I choose to go (bridge or not). I thought a bridge would be sufficient to solve the problem, but after your explanation it's clear.

If I just get the crown, are you worried about it breaking because of the pressure I put on my teeth with grinding? Getting both would be too expensive for me to do now.



Thank you for allowing me to clarify this for you Jessica,  I suggest that you place a bridge attached to the tooth in question and the tooth in front of the space.  this will even your bite out and stabilize this tooth from moving and will reduce the pressure placed on it.  It's best to replace a missing tooth so your other teeth do not shift.

Dr. Karmen


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