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Dentistry/Lump under tongue after 6 extractions~HELP


I am at a loss, I have had 6 of my bottom teeth removed last week, from canine to canine...and here I sit with a large tender lump under the right side of my tongue behind the one root-canal tooth that was removed, it was slightly infected before completed extractions. I was on antibiotics for a week prior to the extraction.

I started with my Prostodontist first, but he could not numb me enough, he did test a few teeth first by trying to turn them to see if I was numb but I could not go through with the extraction with him because I felt every move he made with my teeth, he could not numb me enough, I had to leave his office with at least two teeth a bit loose. That night after my Prostodontist failed to numb me, I saw a large dark red and blueish area under my tongue discolored, swollen and terribly sore, I couldn't even talk proper because of that swollen area.

The next day the oral surgeon said I was bruised by the injection from the Prostodontist that failed to numb me, my oral surgeon successfully numbed me and extracted the 6 bottom teeth that day along with sutures and antibiotic therapy for a week. He assured me all would go away.

Well now its approximately one week later after the 6 extractions, I have a very swollen bump to the right side of the under area of my tongue that is very large and tender and located right behind that infected root canal tooth that was also extracted. All the redness and bruising is a gone, I just don't know what to make of this lump...the area where the my right canine and other two front teeth next to it is still sore as well, all the sutures dissolved as well.

My oral surgeon does not come in again until Thursday, so I am just waiting and hoping this is not a giant abscess of some sort stemming from that extracted and infected root canal?

Your thoughts please?...Thank you....

Barbara - From what you describe, the swelling under the tongue is residual infection from, most likely from the infected root canal tooth.  It was extracted, but bacteria from that tooth remained in the area after the extraction, deep in the tissues, and with the sutures placed after the extraction the deep bacteria could not drain out.  Because it was unable to drain, the infection continued to exist and grow.

It is important that you immediately begin a strict regimen of warm salt water rinses.  Do the rinsing 4-5 times a day with the warm salt water for about 3-5 minutes each time.  Contact the surgeon's office if he cannot see you because he is away, you should be referred to a different surgeon to evaluate and possibly drain the infection.  Immediately, besides the rinsing you should be placed on antibiotics.  

So do not wait.  Start the rinsing and contact the surgeon's office for antibiotics and a referral to a different surgeon to help you.

I wish you well and hope you feel better soon.  Important- do not wait to call the surgeon's office.


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