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     Whether there is any alternative to ROOT CANAL THERAPY FOR 6 YEAR OLD BOY.Please see the message below
My grandson is just 6 years and VERY NAUGHTY.For some problem my dentist has advised RCT for him.But the problem is that he may not cooperate and more trouble may be faced.
Root canal treatment for  teeth in children is a complex procedure requiring lengthy appointments and multiple visits and often requires a full coverage restoration.Whether Sealants can be used or any alternative procedure.
What is the alternative suggestion.?
Are there are some other options?
There are procedures like Indirect Pulp Treatment-If pulp damage is minimal, it's possible to remove most of the decay (but not the pulp), apply an antibiotic, and then seal the tooth up again; that's referred to as an “indirect” treatment.

Direct Pulp Capping is recommended for “small incidental exposures of the pulp when there is no decay.” Here, the dentist will essentially “cap” the exposure directly using similar materials as mentioned above, to create a dentin “bridge” to seal the exposure.

Pulpotomy-is literally a “partial pulp removal if decay is limited to the upper portion of the pulp, “ recommended” This involves removing the damaged part of the pulp, stabilizing the remaining healthy portion, and then disinfecting and sealing the tooth.This is probably a “partial” root canal is treatment

Pulpectomy-involves complete removal of all the pulp tissue because it is infected. If pulp tissue is infected through the entire tooth structure, a pulpectomy may be needed, which requires the removal of all pulp tissue.This procedure resembles traditional root canal treatment, with removal of all the infected tissue from the root canals
As I am very much worried for my grandson ,please help with your best suggestions

Hi kalyan
The only alternative to root canal is tooth removal.
Having said that if you take your child to a big hospital, root canal can be done under general anaesthesia also.
It is an accepted line of treatment for difficult and un cooperative children.
Most kids however cooperate and get the procedure done in the dental chair only. It might take a couple of extra sittings to win the child's cooperation. Best set of doctors would be high quality exclusive pedodontists (dental specialist doc who treat children . These guys do wonders in children mouths. I know a couple in jaipur(rajasthan) you can fly down and get it done if cost is not an issue.
Best wishes


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