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Dear Dr. Mosery,

First thank you for all the time you devote to answering many questions here. I have a simple clinical question. I recently had three full crown preparations made on the following teeth:

Tooth # 2 (upper right second molar)
Tooth # 3 (upper right first molar)
Tooth # 31 (lower right second molar)

These will be all high noble gold crowns ( CVC) of  >78 % gold. I am not at all concerned about esthetics, but more so about longevity. The crown preparations resulted in somewhat parallel finishing walls and so the resulting retention is not ideal, but not completely compromised either. I plan to wear a very thin and easy to remove clear retainer to help protect this and other anterior more delicate veneers.

My concern is basically this.  The dentist doing all this is a very close friend, and in fact graduated in the same dental class as I did.  I am an orthodontist and simply too far removed from the latest clinical advances in prosthetic adhesive dentistry.  I am in the dark regarding current  all gold crown cementation  options..  If these crowns eve separate, particularly the upper all gold ones, I can always easily get them recemented. In any case, in the “old days”  zinc phosphate cement, and other options were used.

It is 2015. I like you, graduated from dental school in the 80’s, and I therefore would welcome an opinion from an experienced  practicing dentist like yourself who over the years I am sure has accumulated  broad arc of clinical expertise.

If you could present two or three cementations options for all gold CVCs and the pros and cons, I would be grateful. The attached image is one I found on the internet and is similar in characteristics to what I am asking about.

With regards.


Any resin cement or glass ionomer cement will be just fine. If the crown is well fitting it doesn't make a difference what cement is used. I have patients with gold crowns I placed in the mid 80's that were cemented with ZOP and they are doing great. There seems to be plenty of tooth structure  and the prep looks fine. Again, any cement will be long lasting if the marginal integrity is there. What we routinely do these days that we didn't do in the mid 80's is micro etch all cast restorations before cementation.


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