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In prepping for an implant in the esthetic zone, during my first bone graft, the periodontist cut a nerve on purpose.  That  is when I was bleeding so badly.  And, I said "Are you sure about it ?"  He said, "I have been doing this 20 years.  They say not to do it, but it doesn’t  affect anything.   How else will I fit in the implant, with this in the way? "  I heard the crunch.  He never discussed the name of the nerve, or if it had a purpose, before, during, or after the surgery.  I could not object.  Do you know what nerve this was in the front of #8, and if in fact it poses no danger to cut it/snip it.  I am confused and have not found any online info, and would appreciate any help on this matter.  Thank you.

Dear Alexis:
I am so sorry for the delay in getting to your question.  I answer all questions myself online and I get many.  I try and get to everyone as quickly as I can.
Nonetheless, my guess is that your dentist was talking about the incisive nerve, which comes out of the jaw right between teeth #8 and #9, the central incisors, on the palatal side.  You might even be able to feel the small "bump" behind the teeth on the palate, right in between them.  It is OK if you don't.  Not all people do.  If the space for the implant was tight, your dentist might have "pushed" against the walls of the canal.  It is NOT dangerous and usually does not cause problems, however, not desirable.
Unfortunately, I cannot comment much more since I am only speculating.  There really is no other "nerve" in the area which to "hit".
My advise is, as always, talk to your dentist.  Do not try to second guess this, and/or have someone speculate about it online.  My opinion, is only a speculation, since I do not have X-rays at which to look and I was not present at time of the surgery.
Please, call your dentist and make an appointment to check the implant and ask your very important question.  It is YOUR body and YOU ARE entitles to ALL the answers.
I wish you only the best of luck with your procedure.


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