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Hello. I go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning. My pockets have always been 2's and 3's and are now 4's. My dental hygiene has not changed. I bought a water pick and soniccare toothbrush. I am really upset this has happened. How soon should I go back to see if they are getting better?  Can they improve?  Should i go see a periodontist instead of my dentist?  Thank you.

Hello Cindy,
Thank you for your question. It sounds like you are very diligent with your oral home care. Good oral hygiene is very important to keeping gum disease away, but there are other factors at play. For example, general health (ie- diabetes and other conditions which affect the immune system), social habits (ie- smoking), and genetics. These factors might not be applicable to your situation, but I'm mentioning it just in case.

If you are seeing that signs of gum disease are progressing, you should try to improve the factors which you CAN control... improving oral hygiene, making sure that any health conditions are controlled as much as possible (for example, diabetics should try to improve their level of blood glucose through diet, exercise and possibly medications), and reduce any social factors which contribute to gum disease (ie- smoking). The one factor which cannot be controlled (yet) is the genetic factor. Perhaps someday, we will be able to adjust any genetic predisposition for gum disease-- and other diseases as well), but for now, we really can't change that....

So, my advice to you would be to control the factors that you can, try to improve your oral hygiene, visit a periodontist, and follow any treatment recommendations. Once any signs of active gum diese are treated and eliminated, seeing your dentist every 3 months for a periodontal evaluation and cleaning is a good idea.

Best regards,
Joseph Zelig


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