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Dentistry/2nd molar - does it need to be replaced


Hi Dr Tieg

I had a wisdom tooth out about 4 months ago and now I am having problems with the tooth that was next to it (2nd molar lower left) and I either need a root canal or to have it pulled.  I'm leaning towards pulling it as I have had a fairly unsuccessful root canal in another tooth previously that causes ongoing problems and I'm not keen on repeating the experience.  I feel like all the specialists I see are trying to "sell" me an option - be it root canal, implant to replace or pulling alone and no-one will really discuss the disadvantages of what they are selling but will tell me how horrible the other options are.

i think I can get an honest opinion from you as you have nothing to gain?  If I pull the tooth and don't replace it could there really be any ongoing problems? The only other teeth I have missing are all my wisdom teeth - the top 2 were pulled in my mid 30's as they had super-erupted due to the lower ones being impacted.  Apparently I have very good teeth otherwise with stong roots.  Could the removal of this 2nd molar really cause my other teeth to shift (lower teeth are a little overcrowded but not significantly ) and my face to sag? Will my chewing be significantly impacted? Does the tooth really need to be replaced?  I am 50 years old in good health with good teeth otherwise.

Thank you so much for your help.

Sandra-the main problem with extracting the lower second molar is a probable over eruption of the upper second one molar.  I know this situation well since I lost my lower see one molar when I was sixteen.  I began an over eruption of the upper second molar.  The cur for my situation has lasted many years without a complication.  The last two upper teeth, the first and second and molars were fused together by a crown made on each that were soldered together.  In this time a implant would be placed, but either is good option. The most important factor the the surgery cess of either is a very good  leaning daily.  If not, both will fail.


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