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Hi Thomas
Last summer I had a bridge placed in the left side lower jaw, one space from the back. The space had never given me any trouble, so a bridge was not really necessary, but I have a very good dental plan, and I thought I should use up my credits for the year. My dentist said the work might be a bit difficult, but he saw no reason not to put a bridge there, so he did.
Immediately after, it started giving me pain, which radiated into the upper jaw. I went back and he said it looked fine, but put me on antibiotics, which did the trick for a while. A month later the pain came back and again I went on the antibiotics. Since then, I have had periods of a few days with no pain, then some pain, which a couple of motrins quickly resolves. Since the new year, however, the pain has been daily. It seems to have gotten more sensitive to hot and cold foods, which triggers the pain, but the strangest thing of all is that every night around 10:30, like clockwork, the pain comes. Not intense, enough for one motrin to resolve. I brush daily and floss several times a week. Do you have any idea what could be happening? Could it be taking this long for my jaw to get used to the bridge or something?
I will be seeing my dentist in a couple weeks for hygeine and a checkup. I am so frustrated I almost feel like asking him to take it out. I feel its partially my fault as I didnt really need it anyway!
Another strange thing is that I had another bridge replaced on the other side just recently. The hygenist discovered the tooth was decaying, and I was told this was a necessity. This newer bridge is just fine!
Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Bud.
thanks for this great question. My impression is that there is something that's actually wrong with the bridge that was previously made for you. 3. Difficult to say what it was but my suggestion is to have it removed checked and have to check with the teeth underneath it carefully look bad also the periodontal condition and the gum disease situation around it. Make sure that everything is solid that there's no decay in the to the margins of the bridge are solid and then either have a new one made or have the one that  he was presently there also removed  and replaced. My advice would be to have removed completely checked and the new bridge made.


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